Batman and Superman - The Justice League

Well yes I was up late last night working on a graphic design project and happened to see the Official Warner Brothers Superman vs Batman Dawn of The Justice League minutes after it was released on YouTube and of course in the crack of the middle of the night it garnered several million hits.  I had to wait until my work was done, almost at dawn (West Coast time zone) to take a peek at the new WB adventure and what it promises for audiences in a few months down the line.

I couldn't help myself after watching the clip, I was shaking with smiles and quiet laughs, so I posted a short comment on WB's channel at the film clip, and 24 hours later I noticed many other comments were posted, mine didn't make it for some mystrioso reason.  Sighhhhhh.

Well here it is here for fans of superheroes, action/adventure and science fiction epic films:

"he's definitely gonna bleed and it's Batman who's gonna get shredded.  Tell me why does Superman have to come down from above, he can slice him in two with his laser heat vision without even wrinkling the ground.  I am just Furious 7 as hell on this concept and let my friends get your comments on this flick.  Should this film be in production?  Come on WB, you can do better.  Batman?!!!  Flash or Green Lantern versus Superman maybe it could be interesting, Batman????"

IDK I thought it was odd for WB to be launching The Justice League with Batman against Superman as the plot device to stir up interest in the main competition against Marvel's Avengers franchise.

There are many more powerful superheroes in the DC Comics Universe that have already been on the screen and could create a more exciting adventure by creating more tension and suspense between equally measured super studs that would propel a more epic adventure and debut The Justice League series.

Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern is powered up by an alien civilization, if not more advanced than Krypton's, on equal footing, and he is already part of a galactic peacekeepers and his story has already been made into a recent movie.  What's up with WB?  Green aint their color or are they super experienced at this stuff?

We'll know more in a few months, could be the producers wanted to draw in the huge fan base from Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy but those fans were and are already a guaranteed draw, so once more, what's up WB??!!

I am confused but I withhold judgement until I see the final piece of film-making already in production, best of luck to all involved.

SighhhhR-us Heather

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